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EscapeHouse Chicago: The Ultimate Escape Room Experience

Do you have the ingenuity to become a super spy, or the resourcefulness to protect the President of the United States? Now you have the chance to find out!

During the course of a 60-minute room escape experience at the EscapeHouse in the River North area of downtown Chicago, you and your group will be tested on your ability to search for clues, solve puzzles and work together to get out before your time expires.

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What is an Escape Room?

Escape room games (also known as "room escapes") are one of the hottest live action role-playing trends sweeping the globe. They are a fun and exciting experience for friends, family and corporate teams, as well as gamers, puzzle enthusiasts, larpers and adventure seekers.

How do the escape rooms work? After entering one of EscapeHouse Chicago’s interactive live action escape rooms, the doors will close and you and your team of agents will have only 60 minutes to solve puzzles and clues, and find a way to escape the room.

Solving the puzzles and mysteries in time will require a team effort, but at any moment, the success of the entire group may depend on YOU!



Corporate Team Building

EscapeHouse Chicago will put your mind and your ability to work with others to the test! Our escape rooms encourage teamwork as well as creative problem solving, participative behavior, and can improve communication and leadership skills. These skills will foster personal growth and development, and create a sense of camaraderie amongst you and your teammates to create a one of a kind experience.

Does your team have what it takes to crack the codes and make the escape? Click here to learn more about opportunities for escape room team building missions.

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